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So I’ve been asked if @hairfinity has really worked for me and I haven’t had an answer because be been utilizing protective styles all summer long. Here’s the result of #hairfinity meets #protectivestyles meets a simple cleanish hair regimen! This is slightly stretched hair and all me forreal! I am looking forward with sharing a bigger puff with you all in a few months #naturalhair #afro #afropuff #healthyhair

My first Spike Lee Joint…BK ❤️ MJ festival #brooklyn #nyc that moment when you think…what would this torment in America be like if MJ could hop onstage and unite us with his beautiful music once again? Well right now in BK people are united in this place “make that change” #spikeleejoint #mj #michaeljackson (at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation)

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